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“I do have a serious interest in UFOs,
and I did have a serious interest even back
when I was doing hoaxes, but my *approach*
is not serious. I like to enjoy myself.”
— James W. Moseley

The months November 2003 through July 2004 ring in James W. Moseley’s 50th year of saucering, of telling it shockingly close to how it is in the wonderfully weird world of ufology–50 madcap years as Serious Ufologist (his Adamski expose), UFOhoaxer (the Straith letter), Semi-Serious Ufologist (his 4-D Theory), and Reigning Court Jester of The Field. This makes Jim one of if not the longest surviving continuously active saucerer on (this) planet!

“November 2003 through July 2004?” you wonder. Yes, like most everything else in ufology, the exact beginning of Jim’s checkered ufological career is a few degrees out of phase with 3-D “reality,” a tad hard to pin down. It was in mid-November 1953 that Jim set out on a cross-country trek to interview as many saucer spotters, experts, and interesting-for-various-reasons others as possible for a UFO book he planned to write. He managed to bag more than 100 interviews, all of them still interesting, some still of ufological importantance. However, the book didn’t get published till 2002, forming the basis of the 1950s section of Jim’s and my Shockingly Close to the Truth!–Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist (Prometheus Books). In July 1954, Jim published the first issue of his saucerzine Nexus, which a year later became Saucer News, which in the 1970s devolved into today’s Saucer Smear. So when was the momentous 50-year mark actually reached? Was it when Jim jumped into his shiny new ’53 Hudson and hit the saucer road? Or was it when he dedicated himself to “the highest principles of ufological journalism”?

As for Steve, Matt, and me, we’re going to celebrate the entire 9 months here on the Moseley Roast Page, and we hope “billions and billions” of you will join us. Okay, okay. We’re a little late getting started, but please don’t hold that against us. Join in the fun anyway. What fun, you say?…

“It is far easier to make things up
than to stick strictly to the Truth.
So it is that *close* is about as near to
Truth any of us ever gets. By some odd alchemy
this usually brings out what really matters.”
— James W. Moseley

We know that more than a few of you out there have Moseley tales to tell, memories of Jim, fond and otherwise, funny, illuminating, all worth sharing, yarns sure to inspire a laugh or two, certain to recall glorious and inglorious past Moseleyean ufological happenings and adventures to the minds of others to be shared, too. Many of you no doubt have photos and other memorabilia that capture interesting times in Jim’s saucering past. And who knows what else lurks in wait to catch the Supreme Commander all unaware and recall the Goode Olde Daze and Just Yesterdaze, too, and Jim’s part in them.

Now’s the time and here’s the place to let it all hang out, tell it like it is or was. Post your thoughts, memories, good wishes, whatevers here–now, tomorrow, and the next day. Come back and read and view them now and then, and add more as this churns and stirs your memories–but not, we hope, your stomachs. When July rolls around, or perhaps a bit later in the year, at a time and place and in a manner yet to be determined but guaranteed to be Gloriously Semi-Perfect, all will be presented to Jim. We’ll keep everyone posted here as plans develop.

Yours in Research, Karl Pflock, C.E., M.P.OC., S.S. 5th Col.

The James W. Moseley (Dreaded) Internet Roast
Tom Benson

Your accomplishment of chasing Flying Saucers/UFOs for over fifty years is a milestone that should be ever written in the stars, like an olde time byplane gushing out smoke advertisements in the sky over a beach.

I initially observed your activites at the National UFO Conference (NUFOC) located in a semi-rundown motel in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in 1974, long after you began your chasing Saucers career in 1953. At this Con, you were mainly introducing speakers including Jan Barbara Hudson, author of “Those Sexy Saucer People” (Greenleaf, 1967, Saucerian ?), and hawking back issues of Saucer News. I got to know you somewhat better in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, after making several literary, etc. contributions to your newsletter, including the one that cause the Postal Authorities to pay you a visit and attending some of your non-subscriber parties at your apartment complex, “Moseley Manor” in Guttenberg, New Jersey.

Looking back, I recall many memorable events, such as having dinner with you, 1980 NUFOC speakers and others, prior to the Con in New York City. We had a breathtaking nightscape view from the top floor of the “Windows of the World” restaurant, located in one of the World Trade Center tower buildings. Speakers included Gray Barker, Betty Hill, Rick Hilberg, Bob Sheaffer and Stan Friedman.

Over the years, we in the chasing the Saucers field, experienced many personal ups and downs, but you have been a guiding light for me at times, like an older brother. I also saw this apply to others, judging by their letters in your newsletter.

A close friend of yours, Gray Barker at a NUFOC in the Cleveland area in Ohio, a couple of years before he passed over, while lecturing, in response to a question asked by a member of the audience: “What are Flying Saucers?” Gray said, “The answer is within you.” As we continue our quest to understand the paranormal phenomenon, the mystery becomes more like the study of God. Full understanding of the phenomenon is always elusive, and never achieved, it is like waiting for Godot, who never comes. Occasionally, glimpses of knowledge may pop into our minds, or appear to our sight, like a lightbulb going on that floats above the head of a charcter in a cartoon strip. In an intellectual humorous way, the cartoon characters that appear in your newsletter, including yourself have guided us in our quest for knowledge and is always something to cherish. Thanks for your help and just being there.

A friend,

Tom Benson


(posted: Mon Sep 20 20:44:30 2004)
Roger Borroel
Jim: It was 1961(I was 11 then) and I checked out Scully’s book, BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS, and took it to my science teacher(who was very pretty as I remember her) and asked her opinion on it. And quess what? She knew that it was a hoax book….the point here, Since then I take the UFO field with a bag of salt, not a grain, but a bag! It’s fun as it should be, and when one, even if its a itty bitty saucer, lands for the WHOLE world o see, THEN, and only then, will I get serious about the UFO field-Live long…Viva la Vida!!!-Roger, a member of the ufoology crowd. 
(posted: Sat Sep 11 10:13:28 2004)
Heywood Jablome
Oh give a cheer for old Jim Moseley
He’d pull a hoax if not watched closely
He’d laugh, tease, and jeer
In each issue of Saucer Smear
With jokes that were mostly grossly.
(posted: Tue Aug 31 14:00:54 2004)
Kevin Danzey
John Keel may have called you a “boil on the ass” of UFOlogy, but I prefer to think of you as the twinkle in it’s eye. Keep on twinkling, and many thanks, Jim! 
(posted: Sun Aug 1 03:06:51 2004)
T Allen Greenfield, D.D., Ph.D.
There’s something utterly ludicrous and utterly Moseley about an internet salute page to a man who refuses to own a computer, but its soooo Jim. I began reading Saucer News in 1961 or 62, first corresponded with Jim about then, met him at the FIRST National UFO Conference in Cleveland in June of 1964; we chatted in my room after the big public session til Jim was too smashed to talk, and have considered him a friend ever since. We visited Ray Palmer together in ’65, chased the Brown Mountain Lights together, ghosts on the Georgia Coast etc in the late ’60s, and at his GIANT SAUCER SHOW at the Commodore Hotel in NYC I chaired his delegate sessions, went on The Amazing Randi’s show with Tim Beckley, and – uhm – we’ll skip the ’70s, but I lived for awhile in Key West after Jim “retired” there and we hung out a lot. I’ve known him since my teens, and I consider him one of the funniest, most intelligent, most complex and worthwhile people I have had the pleasure to know. I once owned something like a complete set of Saucer News, back to NEXUS “Book One Tome One” (whatever that means, and I do hope to see him at least once more in this present incarnation. I really wish someone would post the picture here of Moseley and the late GA governor Lester Maddox, as Maddox pretended to read what he called “Sausage News” telling JW how much he loved sausage. Take that however you want. Smear on Jim! 
(posted: Fri Jul 23 03:38:28 2004)
Cephas Heinigaras
I noticed that in one of your archives that you refer to Z. Sitchin as a “scholar.” I believe he is a pretty be hoaxer. It is easy to fool people when one is dealing with ancient languages such as Sumerian and Akkadian. Michael S. Heiser has pulled the carpet out from under Sitchin in my humble opinion and I encourage you “non-subscribers” to look him up. Mike is a bonafide scholar and I believe he is simply after the truth, he a very balanced approach to UFO’s and aliens – I know you’d like him. 
(posted: Mon May 24 18:13:24 2004)
Sherry Baker
I first learned of Saucer Smear and became a dedicated non-subscriber way back in the l980s. I was writing about UFOs, Bigfoots ( or is it Bigfeet? but I digress..) and such for the late, lamented OMNI magazine. I believe I actually got to interview the esteemed Mr. Moseley a couple of times over the phone and I developed a big crush on him. He lost no time in sending me literature hawking his paradise resort in Key West. Key West? He lived in Key West?? Well, I figured he must be gay.. sigh.. and my dreams of a mad fling with Jim were somewhat stifled. Eventually, I realized, after seeing many gratuitous pics of big breasted women in Smear, that, in fact, he is probably straight so I thought I’d take this opportunity to say — Jim, darling, I love you madly, you ol’ UFO nut, you! and if we ever DO meet in person, puhleaze autograph my copy of Shockingly Close To the Truth. It is FABO!!! like you and Saucer Smear…


(posted: Sun May 23 22:25:01 2004)
Lydia Mancini
I had dinner with Jim a couple weeks ago while in Key West. I only know him from “Smear” and his book, and I must confess that he was completely different than I expected! I knew from “Shockingly Close” that he tells it like it is, but William Cooper had accused him of being a CIA asset so I had developed some crazy expectations.

I found him to be utterly delightful. I mean really darling. (I’m no good at roasting– I wish I had more wit.) I gotta admit that I love this guy. 

(posted: Tue Mar 30 16:40:55 2004)
Rick Hilberg
Well Jim, here you are at the fifty year mark in your personal quest to chase those elusive disks. Hey, the year 2004 marks my 42nd year of editing publishing UFO and fortean zines, so unless you up and croak very soon I don’t think that I can top your record anytime soon. Say, are you sure that you are feeling well?

Anyway, while most people who join in here on the dreaded Internet ( that my dear friend Al Gore and I invented, I’ll have you know ) will no doubt share some of your most embarrasing moments in the UFO field, I’ll wait a bit longer and instead try to put all seriousness aside for a moment – not!

Without being too stuffy and serious, quite frankly ( Edwardsly ) you are one of the last of the original UFO pioneers and dare I say one of my early mentors in ufology. Hey, I first subscribed to SAUCER NEWS in the early 1960s and had the pleasure to meet you at the first “Congress of Scientific Ufologists” here in Cleveland way back in 1964. And I dare say that without your help and backing in SAUCER NEWS the bloody thing probably wouldn’t have been held at all. That’s what I have always said of you, even though you sometimes come on as someone who is only trying to have some fun and stur up trouble in the field I sincerely believe that you really care about the field, and it’s just your way to not take it or yourself too damn seriously. Maybe one hundred years from now when some sociologist publishes a paper ( probably on this damn electronic monster ) on those silly and misguided people who chased the flying saucers, your name and comments will be featured. Some of the past and present “leading lights” who have taken themselves waaay too seriously will probably be nothing but almost forgotten footnotes in those days to come.

But enough of this seriousness! Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane and recall some of those outstanding memories from those days now so long passed.

Do you recall the time back in 1965 when you and some of the other delegates at the convention here in Cleveland had a wee bit too much medicine and tried to climb the fence at the closed pool at the Park Brook Motel sometime around three in the morning? And do you remember how you fell trying to climb said fence and almost broke several of your ribs?

Do you remember me burning my NICAP membership card at the 1966 convention while Gray Barker was capturing this important protest on film? Hey, I assure you and those others reading these ravings that I never inhaled the fumes!

Speaking of fumes, do you remember that time at a convention back in the 1970s when you ran out of cigarette papers and had to roll your, well, herbs in the local newspaper?

Say, enough of this stuff from those times when we were, as John Kennedy often said, full of piss and jisim. Those days were indeed special, those days of wonder, dreaming and awe.

Take care old friend. I hope that you have another fifty, you old goat!

Rick Hilberg

(posted: Tue Mar 9 16:34:23 2004)
Bob Durant
Jim Moseley

Dear Jim,

I’ve been chasing saucers almost as long as you have, and I remember as a teenager driving from Ohio in the mid-fifties with my pal to visit you in your Fort Lee apartment. We also stopped to see Leon Davidson, and then went south to Washington for an audience with the The Man — Major Keyhoe.

Those were the days when we thought government disclosure was imminent. Yes, America, saucers are real! And we were convinced that some other guy had the answers, the inside scoop. Thus our round-robin to the gurus, the keepers of the saucer secrets. That short list included you, of course.

After all these years, the saucers remain mysterious. The gurus, insiders, contactees, and leakers have “strutted their hour upon the stage, and are heard no more.” What a cast of characters! Hundreds of names, but it would only cause pain to recall them.

One man is left standing – that’s you, Dear Jim. And that is because you never were a phony. Quite the reverse. You had the common sense to figure out long ago that the mystery was profound, but that the actors who promoted themselves as keepers of the secret were shallow.

You laughed, nudged, winked, for over 50 years. But always, you listened hard for the real signal. You still do, which is why I take this moment to applaud your career in saucerdom.

–Bob Durant

(posted: Fri Feb 27 19:36:27 2004)
Loren Coleman
I first met Jim when he, John Keel, and I were speaking at a Fortfest in the D.C. area, in the 1970s. The most vivid memory I have of that time is sitting with these two gentlemen in the dark and shabby lobby of a motel, listening to the foremost scholars of ufology decide what they would do that evening. I recall politely excusing myself to finetune my presentation, as they skipped off, across the highway, to visit a nearby striptease joint. And thus I was introduced to the braintrust of ufology, and knew what the end would look like – some sort of cosmic mix of humor and nudity galore!

Best wishes, Jim, on your next 50 years of shining your flashlight in all those hidden corners.
Loren Coleman 

(posted: Mon Feb 23 10:02:59 2004)
Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos 
The generous Manuel Fernandes has donated to this too much old fan of Moseleyan unforgettable Saucer News journal the delightful gift of several spine issues (very pricking ones) of your S.S. bulletin, the non-nazi Saucer Smear.

(By the way Saucer Smear, in the smart language of Cervantes, means by chance, sorry, “saucer to urinate”, a shallow (for prostatics) chamber pot, anyhow an useful apparatus and a truly ufological device, due to “UFO” signifies, too, something related to the morning ambrosia devoured by one India’s ex-President and the most abundant golden nectar (more than wine, olive oil or toilet water): “U.F.O.” = “Urine For Oaks” (its best fertilizer).

I think we are going to file an Urigellerian legal suit against Manuel Fernandes, our common friend and excellent cook of ufo food, because I am suffering a serious S.S. post-reading pain on my abdominal muscles, a damned stiffness provoked by my incontinent abuse of laughter.

Although the actual culprit is, as usual in life, the tricomonic but ever glamorous hymen (Hys Magestic Editor Narrator) and its spiritual environs (Terranova’s aromatherapic Chanel Number 69), that is, the unsinkable UFO Prophet His Highness James W. Mose(s)ley lines hunter, our famous Klassical skeptic about the current epidemic of other affluent UFO Cash Retrievers.

Please keep humour alive into the blood and lymph of Saucer Smear. I suspect humour is the most powerful and intelligent weapon at the hands of ufologists, a must in the whole omniverse, and also our hardest shield against Dark Forces, bad ufonauts and even unbearable ufonaughts.

Perhaps before the imminent End of the World the little green Etherians, more than flesh and blood can bear, maybe appoint H.H. J.W. Moseley their Intergalactic Emperor in our impossible, blue planetoid. No doubt a long awaited and well-deserved royal crown.

I am sure the Lieutenant General will be present at this solemn ceremony, in spite of all, Moseley Sr. frantically applauding, shaking his heroic four stars along with filial attitudes.

(posted: Sun Feb 22 09:08:40 2004)
Richard “Dick” Hall
>Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Jim Moseley, for better
>or worse, has been and remains a Presence in ufology.

Yes, like a steaming turd on the living room carpet. This sort of silly crap explains why you and your idol, who constantly treat the whole subject as a joke, might just as well be on the Government payroll for UFO debunkers.

>We’ll keep everyone posted on the page as plans develop.

Try the Comedy Channel.

(posted: Sun Feb 22 09:07:38 2004)
Matthew James Didier
I have been a fan of Mr. Moseley’s and of “Smear” since buying his book… FIRST! How could one resist such a title as “Shockingly Close to the Truth – Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist”

Yes, there I was, a happy little “ghost investigator/researcher” with his Ufologist girlfriend (now fiance) wandering through our local bookstore and there it was… calling to ME! My girlfriend at the time saying “Oh, you’d appreciate Jim Moseley!” so, a few bucks later, I’m knee-deep into the tome.

Well, to make a long story short, I then read every back issue of “Smear” online and have tried to steer some of the “ghostly folk” I correspond with over to it… to learn the one important truth… “Don’t take yourself TOO seriously and have fun.”

Heck, myself and my significant other were thrilled that our local video shoppe had a copy of “Whispers from Space” in stock and were thrilled to be able to rent/watch this documentary. (R.I.P. Gray Barker)

NOW, on to something far more important…

Reading “Smear” as I have, for some really odd reason, some people have fixated a little too much as to Mr. Moseley’s sexual preferences… I’m shocked at all of you… Aside from sexual preferences having about as much to do with a mans work in Moseley’s fields as the dust bunnies beneath my bed have to do with the ISS, those of you who have fixated missed an important clue…

How often does a man have to print the words “Sex and Saucers” before all you fixators get it?

That’s right, I’m “outing” Jim Moseley!


That’s right, there’s an obvious fixation with sex and saucers… In my eyes, there’s no question, he is a closet gray-hugger… a shadow reptilian-luster… someone who has a shine for the nordics.


Sorry, Mr. Moseley, your secret is now out… but at least some people will finally stop speculating and start concentrating on what’s most important… Jasmine!

Happy 50th, Sir! Your work and efforts are very-much appreciated… although sometimes, it’s difficult to tell…

(As a side note: It is impressive the sheer number of serious Ufologists that say that have issues with you and your work and yet, they all read “Smear”… Hmmmm…) 

(posted: Fri Feb 20 08:24:52 2004)
Brian Parks
I met Jim at Ann Druffel’s home in 1987 as he was preparing the glorious National UFO CON in Burbank Ca for that Summer. I was also at the Con helping out Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman as they broke the MJ-12 story to the world of Ufology. I am sure Jim remembers the night party we had for Stan and the suprize we had for him? And yes I have pictures which include you Jim so be nice! 
(posted: Thu Feb 19 21:53:57 2004)
Bill Jones

Do you remember the First (and as far as I know, your only) Annual Mothman Convention that you and Gray Barker organized in, as I recall, 1970? It was held in Point Pleasant, WV at a motel that had a round restaurant that looked like a landed flying saucer.

Not too many people showed up. Gray did, of course. And you brought along a rather cute girl friend, whose name I have long since forgotten.

My friend, Warren “Nic” Nicholson, and I suspected that you, Gray and your friend had smoked a bit too much funny weed. That was confirmed when we all tried to pile in our cars to go out the circular driveway of the motel so we could visit the infamous TNT factory.

Trying to get in a single line with our cars, you drove your car down the driveway and then turned around so you could follow Gray. Gray drove out the other way and then also turned around at the same time you did. You guys passed each other going in opposite directions several times until we more sober folks took charge and got everyone headed in the same direction.

We did make it out to the TNT plant after dark. I remember standing out there over looking the Ohio River when a small plane came down the river from the north. The reporter from the Athens, Ohio newspaper (Mary Hyre?) who worked with John Keel, you and others on the Mothman story, was there and got very excited. She thought the airplane was a UFO. None of the rest of us got too excited, but she sure did. She was a bit disappointed when she realized her mistake.

Before we met with you guys at the motel Nic and I tried to find the TNT plant. We were having no success until we saw three teenage boys walking along the road. We drove up to them in Nic’s MG and stopped. I leaned out and asked them where Mothman had been seen. Expecting to be laughed at, I was very surpirsed when one of the boys seriously replied by giving us accurate directions. Those boys certainly didn’t take the Mothman stories as a joke. To them it seemed just a matter of fact. That was impressive.

I also remember seeing the remains of the SIlver Bridge piled up in a field not too far off the road.

Thanks for putting on the First (and only) Gray barker and James Moseley Annusl Mothman Convention. It will always be a fond memory.

Bill Jones
MUFON State Director for Ohio 

(posted: Thu Feb 19 10:24:10 2004)
J.L. Wilder
I first discovered Saucer Smear on the Internet about 5 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. Being a novice UFO enthusiast I found the information contained therein rather entertaining and at times even informative. I’ve never met Jim and I’m sure I never will since I do not intend to patronize any of the conventions, conferences or lectures. I see enough freaks, weirdo’s and charlatans here at home, no sense paying for the privilege, especially since many are going to treat me as a mark. Also, since I live in Michigan and don’t travel too often the possibilities of visiting Florida are very remote. However, I did enjoy Jim’s book immensely (and yes, I purchased it) and found the information quite interesting.

Congratulations Jim, for all the hard work you’ve done over these past 50 or so years and continued success in this and any future endeavors. Yours is the first UFO site I visit every day and the one I enjoy the most. Well done!

J.L. Wilder
UFO enthusiast
No credentials
No degrees
No experience
No lie

(posted: Wed Feb 18 10:36:07 2004)


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