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Some images in the memory of 
Saucer Smear’s Supreme Commander
James Moseley, Princeton, 1953
Treasure hunting in Peru, 1954

Taken at the what would become the National UFO Conference in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio at a Holiday Inn.  L to R: David Halperin, Dale Rettig, Jim Moseley and Michael Mann. Courtesy Rick Hilberg.


Mt Vernon Register News Tuesday, April 11, 1967, Mt Vernon, Illinois

John Keel, Gray Barker and Jim at the Saucer News NYC convention, June 1967.
IMG_0823_2 IMG_0822
On the Joe Pyne Show circa 1968
SHOW  #37 – “JAMES MOSELEY is the Editor and Publisher of Saucer News who discuses ‘The Moth Man,’ a strange creature that inhabits the wilds of West Virginia.  He also discusses “the legitimate side of the UFO.”
L to R: Cliff Stenberg, Dale Rettig, Rick Hilberg, Edward Biebel and Jim at the 1976 National UFO Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.
 Green Bay 1979
1979 National UFO Conference in Green Bay, WI. L to R:
Tim Beckley, Rick Hilberg and Jim Moseley
1984 advertisement

Miami Beach_2

1990 National UFO Conference in Miami Beach. From L to R: Edward Biebel, Jim Moseley and Carol Hilberg

Jim Moseley at the Silver Bridge (courtesy Lance Moody)
2002 NUFOC Conference

Sherwood-3Jim with David Houchin of The Gray Barker UFO Collection

Tom Benson, Jim, Antonio Huneeus and David Houchin
Jim lecturing at the Roswell Museum in NM, 2002


 MoseleyLevitate1 MoseleyLevitate2 MoseleyLevitate3 From 2004 NUFOC in Hollywood. Attempting to levitate the Supreme Commander! Courtesy Robert Sheaffer.

Link: More photos from The National UFO Conference
October 29-31, 2004   Hollywood, California

Shades of Gray
Jim with Shades of Gray director Bob Wilkinson

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