About the 2015 CSU/NUFOC Reunion!

(Here’s the original announcement of the 2015 event, followed by a brief update on the gathering.)


From co-founder RICK HILBERG –  “I’m happy to finally provide you with the final details for the 


worBob Easley and I took our good old time to make sure that we got the best possible venue and time that will be attractive to our attendees. 

In no particular logical order here goes:
It will be held on Friday June 19th through Sunday June 21st, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport 7230 Engle Road Middleburg Hts.,OH 44130.
Contact information: 440-243-4040 or www.crowneplazacle.com. (The website has a good overview of just how great this facility is.)
The room rates ( good through June 4th ) are only $107.00 per night for this four star hotel. 
That weekend was the same for the 1965 Congress here in Cleveland. Somewhere I have an invitation for the 1965 event that I will dig up and use with my Facebook page posting about the event.”
 – – –
The original title of the organization was the Congress of Scientific Ufologists, but was change to the National UFO Conference, or NUFOC.
Rick also said, “This will be an informal affair where each attendee will have the opportunity to discuss whatever he or she finds interesting on any and all aspects of the UFO spectrum. In other words a chance to share information and ideas without a strict agenda regarding time and format. True cooperation for mutual benefit. 
Anyone with an interest in historical UFO research is welcomed. It’s going to be an open and fun time for one and all to informally get together and talk shop and share information and insights.”
. . .
The event brought the old gang back together. The attendees pictured are Tom Wertman, Tim Beckley, Allen Greenfield, David Halperin, Bob Easley and Rick Hilberg, who said:
“Yes, it was great talking saucers for a whole weekend!”
For more photos from the event, visit the NUFOC site:

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