Jim wrote his UFO memoirs  with the help of Karl Pflock:  “Shockingly Close to the Truth! is the first and only comprehensive tell-all history of ufology from two men who have been at the center of this cultlike movement for close to half a century. James W. Moseley conveys the fun he has had over the years pursuing tall tales and purported evidence of visitors from outer space. As the creator of the newsletter Saucer Smear the source on the follies, foibles, fads, and feuds of ufology. Moseley has the inside scoop on the amazing world of serious UFO sleuths and wigged-out saucer fiends. His co-author, Karl T. Pflock, has been tracking reports of unidentified flying objects for close to half a century and has written the most thorough investigation of the Roswell incident ever done.”

Bibliography of Jim Moseley’s Articles and Books (partial)

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Head-Men From Outer Space (proposed title for unfinished manuscript of 1953-1954 flying saucer investigation partially used in Wright Field Story & Shockingly…)

Saucer New was known as NEXUS for the first few issues.

The Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) hosts a collection of rare UFO literature. Of key interest to Jim Moseley mavens, the first ten issues of Saucer News are included, then known as “NEXUS.”

The legendary George Adamski exposé issue of Saucer News. Link to full issue PDF.


FATE Magazine October 1955, “Peruvian Desert Map for Saucers?” James W. Moseley (Nazca Lines)


Fate Magazine, August 1955 “Are the Saucers Made on Earth?” by James W. Moseley


FATE Magazine – May 1957 “Curse Of The Quishuarani Treasure” by James W. Moseley

Argosy June 1964, “Inca Treasure- by the Ton!” by James W. Moseley


Jim Moseley’s Book of Saucer News, 1967 (Back in print!)


The Wright Field Story, by James W Moseley Saucerian Books, 1971
Ghost written by Gray Barker, based on Jim’s unpublished manuscript.

In 1976, Saucer News was revived, eventually rechristened Saucer SmearSaucer Smear Archives (partial) 1994-2012                                                                                 

Caveat Emptor, Spring 1989. I Go To See Mr. Ed” By James W. Moseley (Ed Walters of the Gulf Breeze UFOs.)

UFO 1947-1997
Fortean Times Presents UFO 1947 – 1997: Fifty Years of Flying Saucers, edited by Hilary Evans & Dennis Stacy. James Moseley chapter “UFOs out West” on his 1950s flying saucer investigations.
Fate Sept. 2000 with Karl Pflock. “UFOs: 3-D% or 4-D+?”


FATE Magazine Nov. 2000 with Karl Pflock “Saucer Logic” by Jim Moseley and Karl Pflock


Shockingly Close to the Truth: Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist by James W. Moseley and Karl T. Pflock (Jul 1, 2002). Still available at, and also from the publisher, Prometheus Books:

The Astounding UFO Secrets of James W. Moseley , reprint of “Wright Field story,” with memorials to Jim.

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