Saucer Smear

James W. Moseley’s irreverent UFO newsletter Saucer Smear provides a fascinating social history of the the saucer scene, from legitimate news to backstage drama.

In his memoirs, Jim Moseley said, “In December 1955 I launched my Non-Scheduled Newsletter, [which] included pretty much the same sort of stuff I ran in Saucer News albeit with a flair more like that of Confidential magazine. This gossip sheet is the true spiritual ancestor of today’s eight-page Saucer Smear…”

But when Jim returned to publishing in  1976, there was a name problem, since he’d sold Saucer News to Gray Barker, so, “I called the succeeding issue Saucer Muse, the next,… New Saucers, and so on… Saucer Gnus, Saucre News, Saucer Stews (‘For the Ufological Gourmet’), Saucer Leer

At last… Saucer Smear… became our Glorious Name for Life, capturing the true essence of our motto, ‘Dedicated to the Highest Principles of Ufological Journalism.’”

Saucer Smear ran from 1976 up until the time of Jim Moseley’s death in 2012.

Issues from 1994 to 2007 are archived online at: 

Saucer Smear 1994 – 2007

Scans of additional issues from 2007 to 2009 may be found at the Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) site:

Saucer Smear 2007 – 2009